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How to Buy A Diamond:
A Distinctive Guide to Value Comparison and Consumer Protection

Diamond Shoppers: Do you recognize your personality type as a consumer?

   A. "Let's just get this over with."

I list you first, because you may not have the patience to read this book completely. If you do nothing else, review and apply my 1-2-3 buying process. With that information in mind, visit at least 3 jewelers before making your purchase.

   B. "Who's offering the biggest discount?"

You belong to the largest group - the most typical shopper personality. You are primarily motivated by discounts, and rarely demand information about quality. This makes you more likely to misunderstand what constitutes real value for your money. You may or may not be willing to study the entire contents of this website, to learn how to judge true value. But I strongly recommend you at least review the pages on Common Misconceptions and the 1-2-3 buying process, and the highlighted "Tips" and text throughout. Apply this information as you comparison shop with at least 3 jewelers, and don't forget the independent appraisal after the purchase!

   C. "I want to decide based on knowledge and logic."

You are among those who will respond best to my system, and can expect to obtain the very best deal when you do complete your diamond buy. You probably have the discipline to read and study this entire website, and apply what you learn. Good for you!

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