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A Message from Gary Durow

    Dear Diamond Shopper,

Diamond shoppers will find that retail diamond prices can vary greatly from one store to the next -- by up to 500%. Yes, you read that right -- the same size and quality of diamond can cost up to five tines more (or less) at one store than another, if you happen to shop the extremes. This price range is even more disconcerting when you realize that virtually all those retailers pay the same price for comparable diamonds.

What makes me so sure about that? In a word -- DeBeers. This South African company sells 80% of all the diamonds produced in the world. DeBeers controls prices by withholding diamonds from the market when demand is weak, and increases supply when demand increases. They sort these uncut diamonds and sell them in the qualities they choose, in large lots called sites. Prices are the same for all siteholders, making wholesale prices virtually the same the world over. So, if retailers are effectively all buying at the same terms, why is there so much variance in the prices they charge the public? Because they want to maximize profit, and will charge as much as the market will bear. And the public, as a rule, have not been very discriminating shoppers, lacking a genuine understanding of the characteristics which most strongly affect the value of a diamond.

Diamonds have always been considered a blind purchase -- bought by emotion, and with trust in the jeweler they buy from; or by greed, and the perception that huge stated discounts are saving them lots of money. Is the consumer then doomed to buy "blind," ignorant of the factors which strongly affect diamond values, just because those factors aren't readily apparent to the untrained eye? No, it's relatively easy to learn facts and systems that will help diamond shoppers make better buying decisions. That is the purpose of this booklet.

What makes this booklet most unique is that it shares what I've learned about diamonds and the people I've sold them to for over 20 years. I uncover and correct some common misconceptions about buying diamonds. I give you a simple 1-2-3 step process that makes buying a diamond easier, more cost-effective, and more satisfying for everyone involved. You'll learn two simple steps to protect yourself from diamond overgrading. Finally, I share some insights into the well-known 4 C's of diamond-buying -- cut, color, clarity and carat-weight -- which you'll find in no other diamond brochure. Armed with this knowledge, you can shop for your diamond with confidence.

Gary Durow
President, Durow, Inc.
d/b/a Wooden Skate Jewelry & Gems

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