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For more than 25 years, I have collected the best rings made in the first 150 years of America's history. Because I never found two of these rings alike, rather than sell the original, I soon started to duplicate them. I also often increased their weight, as many of these rings were too light and delicate to hold up to the active lifestyles of men and women of modern times.

These beautiful one-of-a-kind rings have sold well at Wooden Skate because they are different from the mass-produced rings found in conventional jewelry stores. The designs have stood the test of time. They do not go out of style, like the fads that have come and gone in the past few decades. The selection of almost 200 designs includes:

  • settings for engagement rings - with or without heads for side stones
  • wedding sets and bands only
  • character rings and signet rings (not traditional engagement styles)
  • parts for customizing rings: shanks, heads, clasps
Mounting #139

These pieces are handcast by our expert goldsmith, typically in 14K yellow gold,
although rose gold and white gold are available by special request.
We are developing a video catalog of the Wooden Skate mountings, which will be part of this website. In the meantime, there are several ways to shop with us:

  • If within driving distance of Lansing, Michigan, visit our store and see them all firsthand!
  • For the most immediate assistance during business hours, phone us or Fax us.
  • Send us an electronic message, and a sales assistant will contact you no later than the next business day.
Mounting #14

For those choosing to shop without physically visiting us, the sales associate will
assess your needs and preferences, and fax, call or or e-mail you sketches or photos of suggested designs. It will help if you provide your ring size during this process. Upon receipt of a deposit (check or credit card), the mounting will be sent to you on approval. We will work with you to achieve satisfaction. If that is not possible, we will cheerfully refund your money, less charges for custom labor (e.g., resizing; mounting stones to your specifications; assembling with a custom head).

Mounting #16 (our bestseller)

If you already have the gemstone/s for the ring, you can provide those to us and our jeweler will mount them for you, ensuring integrity of design. Or take our mounting and your stones to your chosen jeweler to have the work done.

If you have only the center stone, and your selection calls for side stones (diamond or other) we will be happy to provide the sidestones in the mounting.

If you will be providing any of the stones, it will help us identify suitable mountings if you can provide any or all of the following information: shape of the stone, carat weight, width and height in millimeters. If you have a sales receipt or appraisal for the main stone, have it handy for reference.

Mounting #67 "Old Man Winter"

If you don't already have your center diamond, there is no better source for diamonds than Wooden Skate. Before you buy, be sure to explore HOW TO BUY A DIAMOND, our distinctive guide to value comparison and consumer protection. Then discuss your diamond needs with the same sales associate who helps you choose your mounting. Keep in mind, our selection of mountings extends well beyond the old-fashioned rings. From antique to modern...


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