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Protecting Yourself From Overgrading

Here we are, at the final steps of my system. The paragraphs below deal with obtaining and enforcing a guarantee of your purchase. Do not be shy about taking these steps. Not only will you be protecting yourself, but there is no better way to tighten the grading standards of the diamond industry than for customers to hold jewelers accountable for grading.

Guaranteeing your Purchase
All your care to comparison shop for the best value can be wasted if you don't actually receive the grade of diamond that was represented to you. So besides getting price and quality information, ask each jeweler you are seriously considering buying a diamond from, to sign a guarantee like the following:

We will confirm in writing the grade of any diamond solitaire purchase, including all four C's. If a diamond solitaire sold by us is later determined by an independent GIA Graduate Gemologist to be overgraded by more than one grade in color and/or clarity, or the weight and cut are not as stated, we will either replace the diamond or refund your money.

The vital follow-up step
TIP: If the jeweler won't answer your questions, or won't warrant the grade of your stone in writing, you're in the wrong jewelry store.

The guarantee will only have meaning if you then take steps to determine whether the diamond is what they represented it to be. Promptly take any major diamond solitaire to a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist not connected with the store where you made the purchase. For approximately $25-50, obtain a written appraisal covering all 4 C's. Compare this to the written grading you received from the selling jeweler. If there is a significant discrepancy ~ the weight is wrong, the color or clarity differ by more than one grade, the cut is not as stated ~ return to the jeweler you bought from and have them honor the guarantee.

Insuring your diamond

The independent appraisal you obtain to confirm the grade of your diamond purchase can also be used to establish the value of your stone for insurance purposes. However, don't automatically assume that scheduling your diamond for the appraised amount will guarantee you receive that amount in the event of a total loss. To avoid the shock experienced by so many consumers when they make their first claim, read Wooden Skate's pamphlet, "What You Should Know About Insuring Your Jewelry."

The bottom line
To summarize it all into two words: integrity matters! Since 1973 we have served tens of thousands of customers, most of whom have honored us as their jeweler of choice over many years, and referred to us their friends and family. We have earned this loyalty by our standard of honest dealings, and our exceptional ability to ensure the best selection, value and service. In addition to our own large stock of diamonds, many of them estate purchases, we belong to a computerized trade network which gives us quick access to a $70,000,000 diamond inventory. Our #1 credit rating from the Jewelers Board of Trade allows us to bring in any size and quality of diamond, usually within 24 hours, for a no obligation viewing. Thanks to the diversity of our operations, we can almost always sell you a diamond of comparable quality for less than any other jewelry store. That is why we urge you to obtain a quote from us before making your final decision.

Our Diamond Quote Request Section was designed to assist you with this comparison process. In addition to providing a Wooden Skate quote on your preferred diamond, our staff will help you fill in the column of what you should expect to pay at wholesale.

P.S. If you're feeling discouraged by the work of the selection process, don't be. Soon that will be behind you, and then the fun begins. You'll have one of the wonders of the universe, as close as your/her finger, and all you have to do to enjoy it is add light!


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